Eco Cleaning

Eco Cleaning

What is Eco Cleaning?

Eco cleaning is the green alternative to traditional dry cleaning processes and is now used extensively throughout the country. The system allows us to wet clean garments and textiles that have traditionally been “dry clean only” items.

Using specially designed equipment and detergents we can achieve the same outstanding results.

Why is Garment Cleaning Necessary

During wear and in some cases during storage, clothing and fabrics become soiled, and at some stage it becomes necessary to remove the soiling in order to restore the garment to a wearable condition. There are three systems available for the removal of soiling from clothing, furnishings and linen, these being dry cleaning, wet cleaning and laundering.

Although wet cleaning and laundering are highly efficient methods of removing soiling, many types of textile fibres and fabrics are adversely affected by water, which may cause shrinkage, distortion and colour loss. The use of dry cleaning solvents for the removal of soiling overcomes many of the problems caused by the use of water for cleaning textiles and high drying temperatures.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning technology we use at Howards is the only Wool-mark approved Eco cleaning system.

We clean the garments in lukewarm water and biodegradable detergents in our specialist machine. Wet cleaning machines work at much lower temperatures than traditional dry cleaning methods so it is much more gentle on your garments.

We can clean anything with a dry cleaning label

The occasional item may need to be cleaned using traditional methods’

Curtains and Soft Furnishings

Our Eco process is well suited for curtains and soft furnishings.

If you are unsure if your items can be Eco-Cleaned, we will be more than happy to advise.

The more effective eco cleaning detergents both cleans and revitalises the fabric

Lead time

Our regular lead times are:

  • 3 working days for standard items.
  • 5-7 working days for curtains and soft furnishings
  • 10 working days for Bridal

We also offer an express service:

Next day service for standard items dropped off before 12pm are ready for collection from 10am the following day, for an additional 10% charge.

Same day service for standard items dropped off before 10am are ready for collection from 4:30pm, for an additional 20% charge.

Please note Curtains, Duvets, Household Furnishings & Bridal may take longer to be processed.


The Eight Steps:

Discuss and inspect

with our customer any areas of special attention such as stains, damage and finish requirement

Final Inspection and Packaging:

Each item is finally inspected, signed off and bagged.


Pre clean inspection for any stains, damage or colour loss


Our in depth stain removal process is conducted to lift any stains before the clean


Items are then separated into colours and are cleaned in our state of the art Lagoon Eco cleaning machine.

Hand Finish & Form:

Garments are removed, formed and hand finished by our highly experienced staff

Minor Repairs:

Any minor repairs that are required (loose buttons, loose seams etc) are conducted

Inspection & Post Spotting:

Each item is inspected to ensure that no marks remain

Collection & Delivery